How we use trade shows to build traction for your brand.

For the past 30+ years, we have used trade shows to market the brands that we represent and meet contacts from all over the globe accumulating a database of over 17,000 different leads. We take a traditional approach to trade shows and try to attend a few yearly to expand our market share. How can we use these shows to grow your presence within a region?
This is how we do it:

  1. We look a year in advance at the shows that take place in each region and specialty to see what makes the most sense for the brands we represent. For example, we have a great presence at ISM in Koln, Germany every year showcasing the confectionary and snack brands that we work with.
  2. Next, we tailor a plan for the year and start on booth development to create booths that are memorable and make a splash within the pavilion they are in. Our colorful panels and wide range of product displays create eye catching booths that generate a lot of traffic.
  3. We never miss a detail: this includes producing collateral by brand, hiring extra staff to not neglect a lead, and offering samples that generate a buzz.
  4. Once in the booth, we can get the most out of each visitor by asking questions, outlining detailed product needs, and showing how we can help grow their business. Our collaborative approach gets companies excited about how we can grow their revenue, streamline their processes, and give them a differential within their region. We capture all their information to allow for us to have a marketing plan for them when we get home.
  5. Our yearly attendance at these shows allows us to meet with the customers that we have had for years and meet those newer to the business. Either way, we can introduce brands into new countries, gaining traction with everyone from large multinationals to smaller boutique vendors.
  6. The team that travels to these shows are some of our most senior members and always includes individuals from our leadership staff. They can interact with everyone from the CEO to a buyer, as they are some of the most knowledgeable about our business. Further, this allows us to give the most up to date and accurate information on how we work.
  7. Collaborate with the brands that we represent. This cooperation allows us to showcase the products and make a cohesive strategy that allows us to maximize each show. We set up meetings with key contacts and make the best use of the time that we are in region.
  8. Once back in the office, we create a sales plans for each customer highlighting the items that they are interested in as well as giving them insight on trends both globally and regionally.
    Our current trade show schedule includes but is not limited to ISM in Koln, Germany, Gulfood in Dubai, UAE, Beautyworld in Dubai, UAE, SIAL in Paris, France and Anuga in Koln, Germany. We also look at other regional trade shows that make sense for our business including them when it makes sense.

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